Our ambition is to ensure that as many people as possible can have the experience of paddling their self-made kayak! To take a course with us, you don’t really need any previous experience or knowledge in carpentry, we provide tools and guidance for everyone, even those who may never have been in a workshop before. We have been course leaders for 15 years and so far ALL course participants have taken home a kayak that maintains a high quality.

Building a kayak involves many different stages and everyone has different skills, experience and knowledge from before. Some are basically very handy, others have good experience in handling machines and tools and some are pure natural talents at laminating. But we are all children at the beginning, therefore we are there as course leaders for you and we help you with what is needed.

It obviously makes the building process easier if you have previously used screwdrivers, rollers, grinders, knives of various kinds, chisels, sickles, etc., but it is absolutely not a requirement.