Petruskajak Rental Center at Hätte

Our rental center are located at Hätteudde in Tranås, next to Hätte camping and Restaurant Sjökrogen. Here you can rent everything from children’s life jackets to sailing boats. At the present our collection of vehicles contains 30 kayaks, 20 canoes, some rowing boats and sailing boats.

Opening hours

May 4st – June 20st
Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm

June 21th – August 31st
All days 9am-6pm


We rent out a simple cottage with 4 beds for SEK 560/night, SEK 3360/week.

Please Nore!
There is no included insurance. You are responsible for all the equipment You rent. All damaged or lost goods are to be reported and paid for.

If you need to have the kayaks transported in any way, that can be arranged. Start cost 100 kr + 8 kr/km. Call for prices with a guide or group.

Life vest rental
Rent your life vest here, we provide for everybody from babies, adults and rescue life vests. Life vests are always included with the rental of a boat, another life vest can be rented for 25 kr/ 24h.

Included with the rent of kayak are a life vest, basic oar and a protective cover.
Included with the rent of a Canadian are life vests and oars.

  • Included in the price are life vests and other necessary equipment.

Booking enquiry

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Paddling in lake Sommen

“Sommen”, a lake with an island for each day of the year”!

Lake Sommen lies in the heart of the Sommen district, on the border between Småland and Östergötland.  Lake Sommen is one of the most beautiful and clearest lakes in Sweden and has its own fish species the Sommen char.

There are about 365 bigger and smaller islands in the lake. Lake Sommen is of national interest partly because of its natural resources and the outdoor life it offers, but mostly because of its high water quality.

Experience lake Sommen by swimming, by kayak or by boat. The shores are sandy and shallow, but there are also steep and rocky parts that are very beautiful and magnificent. In the winter you can put on your long-distance ice-skates and go for an expedition between the islands. A dream for an ice-skater!

Lake Sommen is a paradise for all who likes paddling, since it gives opportunities for short evening paddling in the sunset as well as week-long expeditions where you can investigate more of the bays, islands and skerries.